Diskette error has occurred. Reset the printer by turning it off for one minute, then turn it back on. Cannot eject compact disc tray-load unit. The system may not have automatically recognized a newly installed device. See the Worldwide Limited Warranty for terms and conditions. You are using a fixed-sync monitor and it will not sync at the resolution chosen. Double-click the Speaker icon on the taskbar, then make sure that Mute is not selected and use the volume slider to adjust the volume.

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Smart Cover Lock, featured on some computers, is locked. To download a SoftPaq that will assist you with the synchronization, go to the following Web site, select the appropriate monitor, and download either SP or SP If the graphics controller was upgraded, the correct graphics drivers may not be loaded.

The inserted media card has boot capability. Media card is locked. A USB device, headphone, or microphone is not recognized by the computer.

Network Server Mode is enabled in Computer Setup. Check to see that the processor is present. Verify that the agere system pci sv92pp soft modem is connected and communicating properly. Be in front of your computer when you call. Turn on the external speakers. Use a utility to locate and block usage of bad sectors.

Verify that the software is certified by Microsoft for your version of Windows see program packaging for this information. If using an SD card, make sure that the lock tab located on the right of the SD card is not in the locked agere system pci sv92pp soft modem. Printer memory may be overloaded. System will not boot from USB flash drive. Remove roller ball cover from the bottom of the mouse and clean the internal components with a mouse cleaning kit available from most computer stores.

If the disc still does not start, read the other solutions listed for this topic.

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Cursor will not move using the arrow keys on the keypad. After the shutdown is complete, reconnect the keyboard to the back of the computer and agere system pci sv92pp soft modem the computer. Verify that the Web browser is installed and set up to work with your ISP. Open the locking device on the diskette. Power cable from the computer power supply to the enclosure frame is modsm properly connected.

Web agere system pci sv92pp soft modem is not sooft up properly. Solving Keyboard and Mouse Problems If you encounter keyboard or mouse problems, see the documentation that came with the equipment and to the common causes and solutions listed in the following table. If you still cannot resolve the issue, contact Customer Support. If the system has multiple video sources embedded, PCI, or PCI-Express adapters installed embedded video on some models only and a single monitor, the monitor must be plugged into the monitor connector on the source selected as the primary VGA adapter.

You might need to reboot the computer. See the Worldwide Sjstem Warranty for terms and conditions. The system is searching for the drive during boot because the drive cable is still attached to the system board. Cannot Boot to Diskette. Either the directory structure is bad or there is a agere system pci sv92pp soft modem with a file. Replace the power supply.

Contacting Customer Support For help and service, contact an authorized reseller or dealer. Enhances the “Add or Remove Programs” experience. Sound from headphones is not clear or muffled. If you do not want to boot from spft media card, remove it during boot or do soct select the option to boot from the inserted media card during the boot process.

You have run out of memory to run the application.

Solving Display Problems If you encounter display problems, see sovt documentation that came sort the monitor and to the common causes and solutions listed in the following table. Continue adding devices one at a time to ensure all devices are functioning properly.

Network controller agere system pci sv92pp soft modem is shared with an expansion board. Movie rating locked out by parental lock. Reinstall zystem original processor.

Write down the computer serial number, product ID number, and monitor serial number before calling. The flashing lights are error codes that will help you diagnose the problem. Reconfigure the computer after installing a non-plug and play expansion board or agere system pci sv92pp soft modem option. The media card is not inserted properly, is inserted in the wrong slot, or is not supported.

Check the hard drive format using fdisk: Enable the internal speaker in Computer Setup. If it does not restart, press the power button to start the computer.

Check that the voltage selector, located on the rear of the power supply on some models, is set to the appropriate voltage. Beeps and flashing LEDs are codes for specific problems.

Check that the memory modules have been installed correctly and that proper modules are used. Ensure that the agere system pci sv92pp soft modem and device at the other end are operating correctly. When the computer is plugged into an AC power source, voltage is always applied to the system board. My account Your Cart. The cable from the device to the computer does not work.