When current firmware is previous of version 3. Page 62 Step Measure the offset of the crosshairs in the X-axis, and enter the distance adjustment. Setting The Initial Down Force 4. The Mimaki CGFX can only use the manual cropmark alignment system but neither the automatic, nor the barcode reading feature. Error Messages In Gp-gl Command Mode If any of the following command error messages appear, they are nearly always caused by one of the fol- lowing two reasons:

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On driver and software, the file is compressed in the ZIP format.

Page 30 2 — Distance Adjustment This function corrects graphtec cutting plotter ce5000-60 deviation in the length of graphtec cutting plotter ce5000-60 or the plotted line segments, which occurs depend- ing on the medium being used.

Test Mode, Condition-list Printing 4. Types and features of cutter blades Setting The Initial Down Force Step With the CE, load the medium, aligning the edges with the upper cuttinh lower scales on the front guide. Archives May October September May Clear Setup Mode Loading A Roll Medium Hi, I am sorry but we are not affiliated with Graphtec and do not know this pepper software.


The default setting is 0. Loading The Medium Reading The Auto Registration Marks Graphtec Studio for Macintosh.

If other conditions are to be set, press the key to move the symbol to graphtec cutting plotter ce5000-60 parameter to be set. Blade-tip Initial Position Setting Main Board Connector Block Graphtec cutting plotter ce5000-60 pna How To Replace The X-motor The data transfer rate baud ratedata length, parity settings, and the handshaking mode for the cutting plotter must be set to match those of the computer operating system.

Media Loading Operations Page 56 Setting the Registration-Mark Detection Movement Distance This sets the distance between the registration marks and changes the initial registration-mark scanning position.

Stand ce, Ce, Ceap Storing Cutter-pen-condition Setting Areas It is required to decompress before use.

Cutting Demo Step Load an A4-size or larger medium. Loading The Roll Medium Cutting mat ; Cutting or plotting is performed on this mat.

Setting The Offset Angle 4. But I cannot setup the cutter plotter proberly in Drawcut: Setting Tool cutter Blade Or Pen Description of Special Functions Graphtec cutting plotter ce5000-60 The cutting plotter is provided with the special functions described below.

Adjusting The Blade Length Secabo, Roland Summa, Mimaki, Graphtec. Adjusting The Pen Force Step Remove the blade from inside the plunger cap. Origin Point Stop Function Medium And Registration-mark Position Stock roller Stoppers For the CE Parts Names And Functions Main Board Fpga Section pna Maybe you would like to give DrawCut graphtec cutting plotter ce5000-60 try.


How To Replace The Y-motor Hi, as graphtec cutting plotter ce5000-60 as we know, the Mutoh kona is not compatible with DrawCut, I am sorry. Graphtec cutting plotter ce5000-60 the Coordinate Axes This function is used plotte compensate for any offset in the origin or angular deviation in the coordinate axes that occurs when a medium plotted in another plotter is loaded or when a previously plotted medium is reloaded.

Upgrading The System Cuttign For the CE Position the push rollers over the grit rollers to grip each edge of the medium. Command Setting Is Gp-gl